Who We Are

Euroschengen corporation puts you in direct contact with licensed lawyers and the main well known developers in Greece (without intermediaries). At Euroschengen these two parties work together in an organized corporation and are therefore fully equipped to serve you as a client. All your needs will be covered properly. You can get the residency of your choice in a smooth and easy way.

At Your Service

Our main office is based in Athens and our staff is especially trained to service foreign clients. They are there to assist you in all steps of the process. From the reception at Athena Airport, into viewing houses, opening a bank account and stamping your passport with the permanent residency Schengen Visa.


In addition to the above, we consider it our duty to support you before coming to Greece, by answering questions and providing consultancy and advice to prepare your documents. We also secure a special Schengen Visa to visit Greece for the residency purpose.


With Euroschengen you make a huge change in your future with very little effort. We have a systematic plan prepared in order to fulfill your program in a smooth and easy way.