Residency – Golden Visa

Welcome to the ‘Residency by Investment’ program – a Residency visa for non-EU citizens by buying a single or multible properties of at least €250.000 in total value. Permanent Residence is for a lifetime which grants you automatic Schengen visa. This means you can travel in all countries within the Schengen zone and some other European countries.

Benefits of Permanent Residency

  • The applicant, his wife and any dependents have the right to reside in Greece and enjoy its European lifestyle and opportunies
  • The applicant’s parents and in laws are granted also the Permanent Residence
  • Dependents children can hold PR untl 21 year ‘s old and it can be renewed until the age of 24 years old
  • Holders of PR can apply for citizenship at the end of the 7th year provided that within the first 5 years you are not to be away of total of not more than 10 months and not more than 6 continuous months
  • Permanent residence is renewable every 5 years if the holder is still the owner of the particular property or any other of the same value. It is automatically renewed
  • Freehold property in Greece
  • The holder of Permanent Residence acquires without any other procedure the Schengen visa it is automatic
  • Free education at public schools
  • Low yearly property and living taxes in Greece compared to other EU countries
  • You can receive sustainable rental income in case you want to rent your property

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Getting here:

Special Features of the Program

  • Documentation is simple and straightforward
  • No criminal record is needed
  • No double certified documents are needed from the embassy
  • No need to reside in Greece at any time
  • No government interview required
  • No need to disclose source of required funds
  • No need to learn the Greek language
  • Automatically obtain MULTI SCHENGEN VISA

Requirements for Qualification

  • A valid passport
  • Copy of the contract for the purchase of immovable property or properties, of minimum value of €250.000
  • Certificate that the applicant have applied to a medical insurer for full coverage of his medical care and expenses
  • Local bank current account
  • After registering the PR application , each applicant has to visit Greece once to give BIOMETRIC for the issuing of the GOLDEN VISA plastic card.

Documents for the applicant

  • Application form in duplicate
  • Original notarized passport
  • 3 recent color photographs
  • Copy of the contract of sale of the property/ies of not less than 250.000 euros
  • Certification from the Notary that the property has been fully paid
  • Evidence that the contract of sale has been registered in the government land registry
  • Certificate of Health insurance in Greece

Documents for the family

  • Application form in duplicate
  • Original passport copy
  • 3 recent color photographs
  • Certificate of Health insurance in Greece
  • Recent certificate of civil status from the foreign authorities by showing kinship

The Beauty of Greece

The great Greek outdoors invites you to discover it in every season. A tapestry of landscapes with an amazing array of biodiversity and ecological value will unfold before your eyes: in national parks, waterfalls, rushing rivers, lakes, wetlands, mountain ranges, even volcanoes on Santorini, Nisyros and Milos.



  • Support client to get entry visa “C” at his home country Greek Embassy
  • Accommodation and reception at the Greek Airport
  • 5 to 7 Days Trip to Greece for Property viewings and sight seing

  • Payment of reservation fee for the property 3.000 euro
  • Opening of bank account in Greece & signing of various powers of attorney
  • Completion of various statements and declarations

  • Departure to Home country
  • Preparation of documents in Home country
  • Mailing of documents to Greece

  • Send money to Greek bank account
  • Full Payment to the developer And to other government bodies
  • Registration of contract of sale at the Greek Land Registry

  • Submission documents to the Ministry of Interior
  • Sent pre approval to the client
  • Collection of Final approval in 1-2 months

  • Applicants must visit Greece to give BIOMETRIC
  • The issuing of PLASTIC CARDS in 15 days

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